Terapia Gestalt en Madrid Gestalt therapy in Madrid
                     Terapia Gestalt en Madrid                                    Gestalt therapy in Madrid                                            

When to visit a therapist?

There are many reasons why people visit a therapist. If you find yourself in a difficult moment, personal crisis, difficulty with relationships, family, work, stress, bereavement, emotional loss, depression, prolonged sadness, feelings of loneliness, violence, aggressiveness, anxiety, low self esteem, dissatisfaction, fear, desperation or any other situation that causes you anguish or suffering,  or a feeling of discomfort with or without an evident cause.

Why visit a therapist?

Every crisis is a growth opportunity. In therapy you can find the support you need to experiment a new creative attitude towards life.  In therapy, the therapist can help you reach your full potential, self acceptance, self esteem.  Therapy helps you to be aware of your sensations and those of your environment so you can answer fully and reasonably to any situation. It helps you see what you do in your life to repeat patterns automatically that escape your consciousness and that do not help you anymore or that make you suffer.    

Gestalt therapy is a privileged space, where you can find support to go from fear to confidence, from desperation to inner peace, from resentment to acceptance and from miscommunication to communication.

What is the point of having therapy?

The first thing to say is that therapy isn't a cure. It won't make your life perfect and you won't discover permanent happiness. And that's because those things don't exist. Therapy is often about coming to terms with reality, which includes acknowledging that life cannot be lived on a permanent upward trajectory, nor can it be lived in an emotional vacuum. So...

therapy won't work miracles, but it can do many other things. It can boost self-esteem, untangle emotional dilemmas, provide support during grief or trauma, facilitate the discovery of courage to face the world again after illness, divorce or loss, or ignite a spark of existential thinking about one's place in the world. (Psychologies UK, 2010).



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