Terapia Gestalt en Madrid Gestalt therapy in Madrid
                     Terapia Gestalt en Madrid                                    Gestalt therapy in Madrid                                            

       Gestalt therapy in Madrid

Gestalt Therapy is centered on what is happening here and now.
For centuries philosophers have speculated about what constitutes a good life and how we should let our lives be guided by ethical principles that can make us happy. That search goes on. When a harmonious equilibrium between ourselves and our surroundings breaks down, we turn for help to friends, family and sometimes even look for a therapist. That precisely when the first difficulty arises. Who should we ask for help and how can we find a way through the different therapies on offer and choose one that is suitable for us? 

The principles of Gestalt Therapy are philosophical and aesthetic in nature rather than technical. It’s a therapeutical approach which is based on the hope that any person, even in the most difficult circumstances, can prevail if he or she finds some support and learns to relate to others in a more conscious and creative way.

Gestalt Therapy is centered on awareness of what is happening in the here and now, in our bodies and in the realm of our emotions. We are one, our body and our emotions are part of a whole. The present moment is an experience to be lived in close touch with others and our surroundings. We are made to understand others and to be understood by them and to communicate in a way that makes it possible for others to hear us.

Fritz Perls, one of the pioneers of Gestalt Therapy, used to say: the important thing is not what others have done to me in the past but rather what I make of what has been done to me right now. It is in the present that I can heal the wounds that come from my past.



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